Courses& Training

Cooking classes

  • Vocational Vegan Chef’s Training: Since January 2009, the NGO has been offering Vocational Vegetarian Chef’s Training.This vocational training prepares qualified vegan and vegetarian cooks for the labor marketand contributes the better employability of individuals.After completing the training the students not only able to prepare delicious and health-supporting vegan and vegetarian cuisine but also can consultindividuals on planning nutritious plant basedmenus. Currently more than 150 vegan cooks graduated and certified as a vegan cook and 75% of them were employed.
  • Daily cooking class:Daily vegan and vegetarian cooking classes are available for cooks and individuals who would like to cook and taste vegan cuisine with qualified professional trainers.   Since 2009, more than 600 individuals participated to a day cooking classes in which more than 400 chefs from canteens of different organizations including kindergartens, private high schools, hospitals and other companies such as  Mongolian Airline, Co.Ltd and Mongolian Railway, Co.Ltd.


Ecological education and training

  • Training in Environmental Law:The NGO organized Mongolian Environmental Law Training in 4 villages located in Huvsgul Protected Area. 
  • Ecological education for Schools:The NGO organized Environmental Education at local schools of four villages in Huvsgul Protected Area.   


Other training

  • Soybean cultivation training: The NGO regularly organizes soybean cultivation training in cooperation with Mongolian Soybean Association, NGO.


Speaking events

  • Speakers give lectures and persentations for schools, universities, companies, community groups and public about sustainable living, plant based diet, nutrition and health, food safety, a new concepts on human development, meditation and wisdom, nature conservation and ecology footprint. Since establishment of the NGO, lecturers of the NGO invited by many organizations and colleagues and delivered lectures for about 20000 people.

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Багануур ХК-ийн "Эрүүл уурхайчин" хөтөлбөрийн хүрээнд тус уурхайн ажиллагсад "Эрүүл зохистой хооллолт" сургалтанд хамрагдав.
Монголын Банкны Холбоо, Банк Санхүүгийн Академитай хамтран байгаль орчин, тогтвортой хөгжлийн чиглэлээр сургалт зохион байгуулав.
"Loving Hut" веган хоолны олон улсын сүлжээ зоогийн газрын Монгол дахь салбарын менежерүүд сургалтанд хамрагдав.

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