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September to November 2013 Nature conservation and environmental protection campaign was organized at schools of 4 villages located in Huvsgul Protection Area in cooperation with Nature Conservation Fund of Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia  

March to April 2013 Environmental law seminars were organized in 4 villages located in Huvsgul Protection Area in cooperation with Nature Conservation Fund of Ministry of Environment and Green Development of Mongolia  

12-14 May 2011 “Plant foods for healthy lifestyle” Vegan food Fair was organized at Exhibition Hall of “Ulaanbaatar” Business Development Center in in cooperation with Consumer Right Agency of Ulaanbaatar

07 April 2011 “Plant based diet as a Millennium diet” Scientific conference for the World Health day was organized by the NGO in cooperation with Mongolian University of Science and Technology 

March 2011 “Soybean is wonderful food”and“Soybean cultivation and harvesting” handbooks were published and distributed to national and university and provincial  libraries in Mongolia.

18 January 2011 “Vegetarian diet and Health” book launching ceremony was held at National Library of Mongolia. The book was distributed to national, university and provincial libraries in Mongolia.

15 October 2010 “Plant based diet for health” workshop was held at Ulaanbaatar City Hall.

4-5 and 17-18 September 2010 “Vegetarian diet and Health” workshop was organized in Arvaikheer cityin cooperation with Governor office of Uvurkhangai province. 

23 July 2010 Competitive small grant award certificate was presented to the NGO as the recipient of the Grant Award in the 1st round of the Competitive Small Grant Programs under the Health Project, Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia. 

5 July 2010 “Vegetarian diet and Health” seminar was organized Zuunmod city in cooperation with the Central Hospital of Tuv province.

10-11 June 2010 “Vegetarian diet and Health” workshop was organized in cooperation with Department of Production and Service of Sukhbaatar district

4 June 2010 “Global warming: Ecology crisis and concerning issue” scientific conference in cooperation with Mongolian Universityof Science and Technology.

25 November 2009 The NGO contributed “World meatless day” Campaign and over 2000 signatures were collected on pledge to eat meatless cuisine on this special day.

12-15 November 2009 Representatives of the NGO participated in International Vegetarian Fair, Xiamen, China.

06-10 November 2009 Representatives from the NGO, participated in 4thAsian Vegetarian Congress, Batam, Indonesia.

05 September 2009 The NGO organized “Excellent Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine” an international cooking competition.

25 April 2009 The NGO organized “Soybean production and utilization in Mongolia” workshop in cooperation with Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia.

29 January 2009 Delegates from the NGO participated to “Global warming” International Tele-Conference as well as the NGO’s catering volunteer team organized a vegan dining event for 1200 conference participants and 300 artists for conference performance at the Concert Hall of Cultural Center of Mongolia.

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